Gentle, nurturing care that stimulates and energizes your body's innate capability to restore natural healthy balance and harmony.

Group acupuncture offered the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Four Moons.

Tiffany will work with you for specific concerns or for a general well-being renewal treatment.

About Tiffany Crocker

Tiffany Crocker is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist with a private practice based in Encinitas. Her integrative approach and gentle, nurturing care allow for deep relaxation, as well as relief from common conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, infertility, and the side effects of cancer treatments.

With a previous career in Sonography, Tiffany recognizes the importance of integrating Western and Eastern approaches to both wellness and disease. In her practice, she strikes a perfect balance between conventional and alternative health care, facilitating the body’s innate wisdom for healing, feeling great, and looking amazing and young.

Fascinated with the power of individual emotional expression, Tiffany offers a specialized approach to facial acupuncture. Having studied and mentored extensively with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, the internationally recognized creator of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, Tiffany honors and supports the body and its natural aging process by rekindling the power of the spirit to radiate in the face.

Tiffany is certified in Acutonic’s sound healing method utilizing specially calibrated tuning forks. Ancient eastern teachings identify sound as generator of the universe. The tuning forks provide basic principles of Oriental medicine accessible in a non-invasive way. The sound provides an adjunct therapy that integrates synergistically with acupuncture to restore the body.

Tiffany received her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific Coast School of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She has interned at Rady’s Children’s Hospital, UCSD’s Integrative Cancer Center, The Family Recovery Center, and with the United States military.

Breathwork is a gentle, EASY, effective healing tool used to quiet the mind, release stress, access creativity and open the HEART.

Heather Lindemenn offers her gifts as an intuitive healer and expert group facilitator in this powerful weekly breathwork circle. Every week the group will enter into the sanctuary of BREATH with intention and clarity. No two breathwork circles will be alike.

“Experiencing Breathwork with Heather Lindemenn is nothing short life altering. I trust Heather implicitly and the technique she facilitates is the easiest tool I have ever experienced to release stress, I always feel so much lighter and at peace after!” KM Encinitas, Ca.

Benefits of Breathwork:
Experience peace, clarity and a deep connection to self and spirit.
Release tension, deeply held emotions and resistance within the body.
Relieves chronic pain.
Cleans and clears emotional body of long held patterns and programs.
Heals emotional wounds
Arrive at the best next step to take in life
Release long held patterns of experience
Experience deep gratitude, surrender and forgiveness

“Thank you for today's breathwork session! I am SO MUCH LIGHTER then when I arrived! “ SR, Carlsbad Ca.


Journal and pen
Water Bottle
Wear comfortable clothing

About Heather:
Heather Lindemenn is a masterful intuitive healer and spiritual guide who leads with raw authenticity, humor, sharing of her real life experience and a deep connection to Source.

Heather is a well respected intuitive healer with over 25 years of experience as both student and facilitator in the spiritual energetic healing arts, leading women’s workshops, individual sessions healer trainings and both domestic and international retreats.
Learn more about Heather HERE:
NEW Helper, Healer, Guide TRAINING starts January 2018


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Medicina Women’s CIRCLE weaves RITUAL , BREATHWORK, MOVEMENT, SACRED SHARING AND COLLECTIVE PRAYER into a powerful and soul centered HEALING experience.

We will gather and explore a different Medicina (healing modality) with the intent of utilizing our time together to personally access, reconnect and REMEMBER the innate WISDOM the resides in YOU.

The month of February calls us into the HEART.
This months MEDICINA circle we will be opening and REMEMBERING the truth of LOVE and CALLING LOVE IN, in it’s highest form!
We will utilize RITUAL, and a dynamic form of Breathwork To experience the truth of LOVE!

Yoga mat
Journal and a pen
Water Bottle

Comfortable clothing.

Check-in from 6-6:15, Circle starts promptly at 6:30 - please arrive with enough time to settle in.

For more information about Heather go to:

Slow Flow Yoga Series, a beautiful start to the day. Mats provided.

Full moon time is the most potent, fortuitous time... the time when our power and energy are amplified. Let's gather for this intimate ceremony in Four Moons' back studio as the Moon goes into Aries for this Full Moon.
Evening includes:
*Monthly Astrological Forecast
* Personal Astrological Forecast as this Moon pertains to your chart (please come with your birth information: Date, Time + Location of Birth)
*Moon Meditation
*Intentional Burn for Release and Manifestation
*Moon Gift (a special nurturing gift to help integrate moon energies into your life)
Cozy bean bags provided for seating, but other seating can be provided if preferred (just let us know). Come early to check out our new arrivals in the boutique. Hand blended organic teas, lite snacks, and wine will be served.

Tickets include a copy of the new Crystal Muse book and a Selenite wand!

Designed for women who are craving the opportunity to pause, rest, nourish, reconnect, and liberate from the inside out. This retreat is a touchstone to bring you back to the heart and sync you up with the rhythm of nature.

The March Retreat is focused on:

Developing Emotional Intelligence
Connecting to your Creative Center and Sacred Sexuality
Embracing the Goddess within
Preparing for the Spring Equinox

Take time out for yourself, and your soul. Recalibrate your internal rhythm, receive support, wisdom, guidance and connect with soul sisters in an intimate setting that will leave you feeling grounded and spacious with an inner sense of peace and freedom.


Distilling down to the essence of truthful self takes an understanding of where you came from and where you want to go. In this creative workshop we will use storytelling, ritual, plant medicine and movement to unravel our self-identity. You will learn to identify plant, animal, and elemental allies who personify the virtues, values and lessons you desire to embody. The journey will culminate with the creation of a beautiful personal totem which you will take home as a reminder of your authentic self, greatest aspirations and the ROOTS from which you have grown.